Lodge of Allegiance No.6000

History of the Lodge of Allegiance No.6000

Lodge of Allegiance No 6000 was consecrated on Friday 17th November 1944 by the then Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire, R.V.Brig.Gen. W.H.V.DARELL, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.

Lodge of Allegiance was sponsered by the Lodge of Freedom No 3914, whose Worshipful Master and Wardens signed the petition at their meeting on 21st July 1944, The meeting was attended by seven of the Allegiance Founders.

It was agreed by the Founding Members that W Bro A C Evans would be it’s first Master.

The Lodge’s Founding members were:

W.Bro. A C Evans

W.Bro. J F Green

W.Bro. T L Green

W.Bro. W Horsell

W.Bro. J G M Wood

W.Bro. F Cross

Bro. F W Powell

Bro. W H Whiting

Bro. W J Knight

Bro. W N Allen

Bro. F W Walker

Bro. D.L.Parsons

Bro. F H Wills

Bro. R Morgan

Bro. W Berridge